May 3, 2024 - Compile .NET's Test Suite and Run .NET Tests under Wine

In 2024 March, I had been trying to build .NET test suite and running them under Wine. Although I didn’t gather valuable Wine results yet, I’d write this article to record the pitfalls I’ve met when compiling .NET, and I hope it may help readers (including me) in future.

Aug 6, 2023 - TopCoder SRM 848 AlternateParity 题解

2023年8月3日,我参加了 TopCoder SRM 848,结果 Div I 第一题就没做出来,零分完赛。赛后看了其他选手的代码,意识到这其实是一个比较基础的组合数学问题。

Jul 22, 2023 - Codeforces 885A Vika and Her Friends (1848A) 题解

2023年7月16日,我参加了 Codeforces 885,没想到 A 题就碰了钉子。从赛后的官方题解 看,这道题分析起来有难度,但最终的结论非常简单。除了单纯写这篇题解,我也想写一下我比赛时的心路历程,看一看我落入的思维陷阱。