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About Me (and Where to Find Me)

My LinkedIn Profile shows my education and work experience. My information on LinkedIn is true, official but boring. I’ve moved to Mastodon, please follow

I proudly share these open-source projects created by me:


It is inspired by Evernote’s browser extension - if we search a term, for example, softmax in Google, fireSeqSearch will also search in our personal notebook, and append the hits into Google results.

Obviously, I ❤ Logseq, and I believe it is the best note-taking software. Here is why (In Chinese)


It creates a single-source-file version of a Cargo package. It’s designed for Competitive Programming like Codeforces. Although my rating is dropping, I still love competitive programming, and I would attend some contests if I have time.

Now you know that I ❤ Rust. Yes, I believe some programming languages are better than others, and Rust is a Tier 0 PL.

I’ve created a toy language, ironCamel, which intends to be the “most functional” imperative programming language. Its intepreter is written in Rust.



I’ve been playing Dota since 6.59, when Tinker could refresh BKB. I had to admit that I’m a bad player.

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